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Digital Experiences and the Accelerating Rate of Change

The ascension of artificial intelligence (AI), robots/bots and personalization driven by data have spurred one of the key creative renaissances in history, allowing enhanced relationship building and one-on-one experiences between brands, products and consumers, all of which have been driven by technology.

The internet of things (IoT) is perpetuating the disappearance of screens and creating the rise of ‘invisible digital’, where technology is hidden in

everyday objects, and behavioural triggers can generate data or output.

An ever-increasing convenience of goods and services, and the incredible ability of technology to facilitate the immediate and efficient meeting of our consumer needs, mean that demands to brands on delivering impeccable

customer experience have skyrocketed.

Real-life experiences have replaced simulated ones, and now both are increasingly merging. Whilst once upon a time, consumers accepted simulated narratives, today’s consumers are less receptive to this approach and expect an authentic approach from brands.

In the age of ultimate choice, and the conversion of an excellent customer experience into a hygiene

factor, consumers are no longer impressed by personalization – they now demand it.

People today want real experiences that affect real people.

Therefore, the future of the most prosperous brands lies in the combination of real, authentic IRL experiences, with innovation, personalization and the intelligent fusion of robots, AI and humans as collaborators in the

delivery of these experiences.

Marketers that place live and interactive brand

experiences, focused on authentic real-world content, at the core of their digital and product experiences, and at the heart of their creative campaigns will win lasting attention and advocacy from their customers.

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