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Electrify love working with telecoms and tech brands. Events, experiential marketing and in-store campaigns are fantastic ways to demonstrate your products features and benefits while educating participants on complex messaging. From conferences,  and b2b, to ‘all singing all dancing’ consumer activations, we have you covered every step of the way. From the initial concepts to the final evaluation and reporting, we are a perfect partner for leading and emerging brands alike.

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Branded Events

Electrify launched the Skype phone S2 on behalf of 3 Mobile and 3 Monkeys, with Events featuring Brand Activations, a Photobooth, Brand Ambassadors, and Product Demonstration at various London parks and squares. The events were designed in order to promote the 3 Mobile Skype phone S2 and its international calling packages.


Ambient Media

Electrify launched the Google G1 on behalf of T-Mobile and MediaCom, with an Ambient Media Campaign featuring a Dance Flash Mob, Product Demonstration, Boat Production, and Set Build at Shopping Malls, and Outdoor Public Areas. The pink coloured passenger boat featuring a giant 7m Google pin sailed along the River Thames, opening up Tower Bridge in order to launch the Google G1 phone while bringing to life the T-Mobile flashmob and ATL advertising.


Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Electrify promoted the Breakdancing Championships on behalf of Sony Ericsson with a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign featuring Video Light Projections at Outdoor Public Areas in order to leverage Sony Ericsson's sponsorship of the B-Boy Championships.


Ambient Media Campaign

Electrify launched an innovative Sat Nav App on behalf of Nokia with an Ambient Media Campaign featuring Guerrilla Marketing, with Ambient Media such as PediCabs and a giant Balloon Sculpture at Outdoor Public Areas, in order to raise awareness of Nokia's new sat nav app.


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