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If you are keen to adopt a longer term, more strategic approach to experiential marketing and planning for your brand, then our retainer packages are likely to be a great fit.

In addition to managing all your events and brand experiences, we provide a host off added value services and account handling, a few examples of the added extras provided are highlighted below.


Every quarter we produce a full competitive analysis of your market, aiming to highlight and give details on the activites your competitors are running, and what insights this can provide for you and your team.


A bi-annual experiential marketing workshop or seminar is designed for your internal team, helping to create cultural change and educate your colleagues on the experiential marketing approach and how it can improve customer engagement, drive sales and acheive your marketing objectives. 


We also regularly conduct bespoke target audience research for you to better get to know your customers and to explore through an in-depth approach, how your live brand experience and events program is impacting them and their perceptions of your brand.


Our monthly retainer packages are rolling monthly contracts so you can 'switch it off' anytime you wish to pause our services, with no long term contract tying you in. 

£4000 per month is a starting cost, with packages ranging up to £20,000 per month depending on the volume of work. Get in touch to discuss your needs and we can create a bespoke retainer structure to suit your organisational needs and budget. 

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