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Brand Experiences and Installations

Our Brand Experiences and Installations are best-in-class. What we live for: merging creativity and technology in a way that brings your brand to life through immersive multi-sensory environments and positive customer journeys.

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Brand Experience Events

Electrify promoted Voltarol on behalf of GSK and Saatchi, with a Brand Experience Campaign featuring a Kinetic Dancefloor, Hologram and Immersive Theatre experience at Shopping Malls in order to bring to life the Voltarol 'Joy of Movement' messaging, with an engaging experiential event and hologram.


Immersive Theatre Events

Electrify promoted Symantec with a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign and Global Event Management, Toolkits and Immersive Theatre at Conferences and Outdoor Public Areas. The events were designed in order to create a scalable global event concept and experiential brand toolkit to create buzz around the Symantec event and security messaging during annual hacker andd b2b tech conferences.


Pop-Up Bar and Immersive Brand Experience Events

Electrify promoted Mahou beer on behalf of Mahou San Miguel with a Pop-Up Multi-Sensory Event series featuring Immersive Brand Experiences, Influencers, Interactive Installations and Trade Marketing at a private hire venue in east London in order to create an authentic and immersive brand experience to educate trade and consumers on Mahou, its history, heritage, the unique Maestria draught tap, and the perfect pour.


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