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We love working with drinks & FMCG brands. From champagne and premium spirits to soft drinks and FMCG, we have over 15 years experience on the worlds leading consumer brands. Whatever your requirements, whether they be sampling, POS, on-trade, in-store, guerrilla or an international roadshow, we can ensure flawless delivery and award winning creative.

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Guerrila Light Projections

Electrify promoted Belvedere on behalf of LVMH with a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign featuring Ambient Media, Light Projections and On-Trade Promotional Marketing at Outdoor Public Areas. The campaign was designed in order to raise brand awareness of Belvedere while supporting on-trade sampling activations.


Ambient Media Installation & Pop-Up Bar

Electrify promoted Jack Daniels on behalf of Brown Foreman with a Pop-Up Experience featuring an Ambient Media Installation in Covent Garden. The special build towered at over 10m tall in order to bring to life the iconic Jack Daniels barrel tree concept with a physical real-world activation and pop-up. The barrels themselves originated from Tennessee, bringing to life the story of Jack Daniels and the brands authentic heritage and provenance.



Electrify launched the new Green & Black's Packaging on behalf of PHD Rocket with Sponsorship of Art Barter, an event showcasing art from famous artists like Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk alongside unknown artists, where consumers are invited to barter with anything but money. The creative art themed Brand Experience was supported by Green & Blacks who in turn commissioned Sir Philip Blake to create a giant chocolate bar pixel sculpture to display at the pop-up gallery.  Product Sampling also took place at the Gallery in London in order to drive product trial, and align Green & Blacks new chocolate range with art through this strategic sponsorship and brand building event.


3D Projection Mapping & Sponsorship

Electrify promoted Moet on behalf of LVMH with Sponsorship of the Manchester Christmas Light Switch On Event..  The Sponsorship Activation featured a Moet branded Fireworks Display and bespoke 3D Projection Mapping show. The events took place on Albert Square, Manchester in order to bring to life Moet's celebratory brand personality through a strategic sponsorship and creative ambient media activation.


Promotional Sampling & Social Media Marketing

Electrify launched Håagen Dazs Mini-Cups on behalf of General Mills with Ice Cream Product Sampling and Social Media Competitions at fashion Events and Outdoor Public Areas in order to drive product trial and promote mini-cups to a younger, stylish, female audience.


Interactive Installation

Electrify promoted Vitamin Water on behalf of Glacéau with an Interactive Installation and Product Sampling campaign at Westfield Shopping Centre in order to design and build a unique and interactive branded installation while driving product trial and generating video content.


Pop-Up Bar and Immersive Brand Experience

Electrify promoted the Mahou on behalf of Mahou San Miguel with a Pop-Up Event series and Immersive Brand Experience, inviting Influencers and Trade Marketing to partake in events at a private hire venue in east London. The pop-up was designed in order to create an authentic and immersive brand experience to educate trade and consumers on Mahou, the 'Maestria draught' its history, heritage and perfect pour.


Pop-Up's & Digital Marketing

Electrify launched Relentless Mini-Shots on behalf of Coca-Cola Group with a Pop-Up Shop featuring Brand Ambassadors and Digital Marketing at a High Street Retail Units nationwide. The pop-ups were designed in order to utilise trained and carefully matched brand ambassadors for Relentless 'mini-shots' sampling with a microsite voting amplification element to help increase broader reach.


On-Trade Light Projections

Electrify promoted Carling on behalf of Molson Coors with an On-Trade POS campaign featuring Ambient Media Light Projections at Pubs & Bars. The light displays were designed in order to drive footfall into the on-trade while raising awareness of Carling sales promotion offers.


Brand Ambassadors and Digital Outdoor Media

Electrify promoted the Barnardo’s Keep Britain Smiling Campaign on behalf of Colgate-Palmolive with a Brand Activation Campaign featuring Outdoor Media and Brand Ambassadors at Westfield Shopping Centre in order to raise brand awareness of the Colgate and Barnardo’s campaign.


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