Nationwide Promotional Distribution

Electrify launched the new IKEA Catalogue on behalf of IKEA and MediaCom with a nationwide Promotional Distribution, and Promotional Tour at Stations and Outdoor Public Areas. The campaign was designed to feature over-sized giant IKEA box replica's and a branded promotionial bus tour, in order to distribute the newly launched IKEA catalogue nationwide through an eye-catching and impactful promotional campaign.


3D Chalk Art & Promotional Distribution

Electrify promoted various Holiday Packages on behalf of Direct Holidays with Ambient Media featuring 3D Chalk Art and Promotional Distribution at Stations nationwide. The art installations encouraged commuters to step into 'The Direct Effect', pose with the art and take a flyer in order to promote holiday packages and communicate promotional messages.


Cycle & Scooter Awareness Augmented Reality Tags

Electrify promoted Cycle Safety on behalf of TFL with a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign featuring Street Teams, Branded Content Distribution and Augmented Reality bike-tags. The AR tags were distributed as handle hangers and flyers at Outdoor Public Areas and Bike Bays, in order to educate London bikers and cyclists on the dangers of truck driver blind spots through an interactive augmented reality initiative highlighting the dangers of truck blind spots.


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